Lalas Shikakai & Henna Hair Wash (Shampoo) 500ml
Shikakai an astringent used as hair wash in lien of soap. It promotes hair growth, removes dandruff, engthening hair roots, & helps to keep the hair free from dirt. Aular use will lead to thick, healthy & lustrous hairs. Henna natural ir dye which add shine & bounce to hairs. Proper ph balance of dients has been maintained to give your hair natural look.
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Shikakai as a natural herb is used for simultaneous Hair strengthening and conditioning properties. Shikakai is a very efficient way of hair cleansing, rejuvenating hair growth and dandruff prevention. Regular use of Shikakai promotes thick and Lustrous hair. Henna a natural dye which adds shine and bounce to hair. It has a natural low pH, is extremely mild, and doesn’t strip hair of natural oils.



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