organic dry grapes 100 grms

Health Benefits of Eating Grapes
• Packed With Nutrients, Especially Vitamins C and K. …
• High Antioxidant Contents May Prevent Chronic Diseases. …
• Plant Compounds May Protect Against Certain Types of Cancer. …
• Beneficial for Heart Health in Various Impressive Ways. …
• May Decrease Blood Sugar Levels and Protect Against Diabetics

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• Dry Grapes Health Benefits:
• Here we enlisted top 10 dry grapes health benefits. Let’s have a look into them.
• 1. Treats Constipation:
• Preventing Constipation is the main health benefit of dry grapes. Dried grapes usually swell in the body because of the natural fluids. This helps in regulating the food in the digestive system and aids in proper bowel movements. The insoluble fibre in the dried grapes also works in this direction. A handful of soaked dry grapes can help in easy bowel movements the next morning.
• 2. Cures Anaemia:
• There are good levels of iron in dry grapes. The vitamin B complex as well helps in the formation of new blood. The essential mineral copper is also present for red blood cells formation. This helps in preventing anaemia in the body and helps you deal with dizziness, lethargy and fatigue.
• 3. Leads To Healthy Weight Gain:
• There are fructose and glucose in dried grapes that gives energy to the body without any accumulation of unhealthy fats in the body. Vitamins, proteins, minerals and many other essential nutrients in the dried grapes help in improving immunity as well. On the other hand, people use dry grapes for weight loss, as eating them before meals can curb the appetite and help in losing weight.
• 4. Control Diabetes:
• To lower the insulin levels, dried grapes are a perfect one. It also ensures the absorption of the sugar thus keeps away diabetes. Leptin and ghrelin are two enzymes that will help in maintaining the right levels of sugar in the body. However, it is important to stick to the daily dosage limit to prevent the symptoms from getting reversed due to high amounts of Glucose in dry grapes.
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• 5. Cures High Temperatures:
• The antioxidant, antibiotic and germicidal properties of dried grapes can fight off bacterial and viral infections and thus helps in treating fever and balancing the body temperature. It is recommended to drink the soaked raisin water to cool down the body immediately and make you feel energetic again.
• 6. Treatment Of Hypertension:
• It has been known for quite long now that dried grapes help in the treatment of high blood pressure as well as protects the heart from all kinds of diseases. The high level of potassium in them helps in relaxing the blood vessels and strengthening the blood vessels lining for this purpose. The dietary fibre also helps in reducing the stiffness in the vessels.



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