Neem Soap

The Benefits Of Neem Soap has insecticidal properties, is antibacterial and antifungal, soothing and moisturising… Neem oil soap is a real treat for the skin, even for healthy skin

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1.Free skin or ringworm
Neem oil content in neem soap has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal function. Panu and ringworm is a skin disease caused by fungi and bacteria so neem is perfect for the treatment of ringworm disease, or prevent the occurrence of such skin problems in your body.
2. Skin looks clean and bright
The use of neem soap regularly will make the skin healthy so it will look bright and clean. The cause is the content of vitamin E in neem soap that is believed to be a healthy food for the skin.
3. Heal the scars
Anti-inflammatory function in neem soap makes scars and even inflammation of the skin can be resolved or at least can be disguised. Or try health benefits of alkanet root
4. Eliminating bacteria on the skin
Neem soap has antibacterial properties. Clinically can kill bacteria Escherichia Coli or known E.Coli. So the skin problems caused by these bacteria and the like will not appear on your body.



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