Amla Spicy Candy

amla spicy candy ingridents;
amla.sugar.spices& salt.citric acid.

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Benefits Amla spicy candy
 Improves Digestion: Regular intake of our Chatpata Amla can make food absorption capacity better. It is also helpful in balancing your stomach acids. With balanced stomach acids and improved food absorption power, you can keep your digestion active and fit.
 Improves Blood Circulation: As amla is a good source of iron, it helps in improving your blood circulation. Shadani Group’s Chatpata Amla is among the most delicious digestives.
 Makes Immunity Better: To get better immunity, it is extremely important for you to take a sufficient amount of Vitamin C and Amla is the richest source of Vitamin C.
 Promotes Overall Good Health: Amla is the best fruit for your overall well-being. It promotes healthier teeth, gums, hair, and improves your eyesight as well. So, you can add this mouth-watering product to your complete wellness.
Here at Shadani Group, we always put our 100% effort to provide the clients with the best possible product. Our Chatpata Amla is a live example of that. We have successfully sustained the natural properties and goodness of amla in this product. So, what are you waiting for! Buy an outstanding range of digestive products from our online store including Chatpata Amla for overall well-being.



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