Amla Candy

Amla aids digestion and cures acidity. It helps build up resistance against respiratory track diseases like cough, cold, sore throat etc. Amla also has vitamin E and beta-carotene, which is also antioxidants.

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Amla Candy – Highly Beneficial For Health

Vitamin C
Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C which is known to boost the immunity levels in the body. People who have amla on a regular basis find themselves less prone to fall ill of a disease as they would have built up an effective immune system over the course of time. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature and is known to bring down pain and discomfort to a great extent. The Vitamin C rich fruit also contributes greatly for maintaining skin and hair.
Skin and hair
Amla works like a wonder when it comes to treating skin and hair problems. It is known to be packed with anti-oxidants that is known to fight the body against any sort of issues. It fights against the radical and provides for a naturally glowing and healthy skin. It is known to have anti-ageing properties and by taking amla regularly, one can delay the aging process considerably. Amla is extensively used for treating hair conditions and makes it look strong and beautiful. People who take Amla juice on a regular basis can visibly see the difference that their skin is glowing and the hair fall has stopped.
Cures cough and cold
Amla candy brings down cough and cold condition in individuals. It is packed with rich nutrients and provides for an instant relief from cough. When Amla juice is mixed with honey and consumed, it is known to be a perfect cure for cold. Apart from that, there are various other health benefits that this small yet powerful fruit has got to offer.
The best thing about Vitamin C in Amla is the fact that this source of Vitamin is easily absorbed by the body when compared to Vitamins offered by supplements and hence this turns out to be an ideal choice by many. There are many ready made amla candy that are available in the market and one can buy them and take it on a regular basis. It would be possible to see effective results in a matter of just one month and once started to have it, one cannot refrain from it totally.
Make sure to buy the best and finest quality amla candies from the market if you are looking to derive full benefits out of it. Some online stores are also known to sell the product.



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